Category: Patient Story

Juju’s Journey

Juju is a typical 4-year-old. She loves music and drawing, and has seen Frozen and Frozen 2 “at least 30 times.” Over the past 10 months, Juju has done all of this while battling cancer at UPMC Children’s.

Written by on September 6, 2023

Lowin’s Story

Lowin came home two days after a 9-hour brain surgery that most surgeons wouldn’t dare to attempt because her tumor location is inoperable. Her parents are forever grateful that Dr. Abel was theirdaughter’s surgeon, and they say they will always sing his praises.

Written by on September 6, 2023

Joey’s Story

Joey was always the life of the party, very inquisitive and an overall silly and active boy, so it wasn’t long before his parents noticed something was very wrong.

Written by on September 6, 2023

Meet Raegan

Despite a full and busy life, Raegan lives with a chronic illness called short bowel syndrome. A complex disease, short bowel syndrome affects a child’s ability to absorb nutrients from food because part of the small intestine is missing or malfunctioning.

Written by on August 2, 2023