UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh United Way Codes

UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh provides hope, healing, and treatment to sick and injured kids of all ages with conditions ranging from common to complex. With your help, we can continue this tradition. Choose UPMC Children’s Hospital agency code 156 or any of the codes below to donate to a specific fund. Visit uwswpa.org to make your gift online.

Please consider donating all or a portion of your United Way gift to UPMC Children’s this year.

156– UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

1366112– Children’s Hospital/Adolescent Medicine

1658– Children’s Hospital/Amputee Camp

15841885– Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh/Angels Fund

1365374– Children’s Hospital/Asthma & Allergy

1365370– Children’s Hospital/Audiology & Communications Disorders

9503– Children’s Hospital/Autism Center

14198287– Children’s Hospital/Brain and Behavior Fund

14823801– Children’s Hospital/Behavioral Health

1366124– Children’s Hospital/Camp Chihopi Endowment

1365364– Children’s Hospital/Cardiology

1366123– Children’s Hospital/Cardiothoracic Surgery

997599– Children’s Hospital/Caring for Kids – Carrie Martin Fund

1366121– Children’s Hospital/Child Advocacy Center

839– Children’s Hospital/Child Life Department

12462388– Children’s Hospital/Children’s Trust

9341207– Children’s Hospital/Cleft Palate Center

12726113– Children’s Hospital/Cleveland Chair

845– Children’s Hospital/Children’s Cancer Fund for Patient and Family Expenses

12726154– Children’s Hospital/Creative and Expressive Arts Therapy

1365368– Children’s Hospital/Cystic Fibrosis

12996286– Children’s Hospital/Cystic Fibrosis Family Support – Muriel’s Breath of Life Fund

14823926– Children’s Hospital/Diabetes Wraparound Project

2896– Children’s Hospital/Down Syndrome Center

1365369– Children’s Hospital/Emergency Care Services

22902– Children’s Hospital/Emergency Medical Research and Education

1366125– Children’s Hospital/Endocrinology

222883– Children’s Hospital/Family Care Connection

3009– Children’s Hospital/Family Support Fund

930397– Children’s Hospital/Fidel Endowed Cardiology Fund

3330– Children’s Hospital/Free Care Fund

1365363– Children’s Hospital/Gastroenterology

1366117– Children’s Hospital/General Surgery

1365361– Children’s Hospital/Genetics

1366120– Children’s Hospital/Hearing Center

973220– Children’s Hospital/Heart Camp

1366111– Children’s Hospital/Hematology & Oncology

12996328– Children’s Hospital/Homeless Youth Health Care

1366119– Children’s Hospital/Infectious Disease

930393– Children’s Hospital/Jack Paradise Research Endowment

975306– Children’s Hospital/Jamie Lee Curtis Endowed Chair in Transplant

1365367– Children’s Hospital/Juvenile Diabetes

998740– Children’s Hospital/Katie Westbrook Cancer Research Fund

966855– Children’s Hospital/Kristian Keefer Leukemia Research Fund

1366122– Children’s Hospital/Londino Endowed Chair in Rheumatology

1555– Children’s Hospital/Marty Ostrow Memorial Fund

13997176– Children’s Hospital/Middle Ear Research

14198279– Children’s Hospital/Miracles from Maggie Endowed Fund for Supportive Care

4552– Children’s Hospital/Muscular Dystrophy

2119– Children’s Hospital/Neonatal Intensive Care

1365365– Children’s Hospital/Nephrology

4263– Children’s Hospital/Neurofibromatosis

1365373– Children’s Hospital/Neurology

1365371– Children’s Hospital/Neuro-Oncology

1366115– Children’s Hospital/Neurosurgery

15580442– Children’s Hospital/Nora Grace Kaufman Neuro-Oncology Fund

1366110– Children’s Hospital/Nursing

11945268– Children’s Hospital/Ophthalmology

11847993– Children’s Hospital/Otolaryngology (ENT)

12996302– Children’s Hospital/Pathology

221002– Children’s Hospital/Patient Care Fund

14823934– Children’s Hospital/The Pittsburgh Study

12996294– Children’s Hospital/Basil J. Zitelli, MD Fund

959601– Children’s Hospital/ Patrick Dick Memorial Fund in Cardiology

14238307– Children’s Hospital/Pediatric Clinical and Translational Research Center (PCTRC)

953620– Children’s Hospital/Pediatric Intensive Care

223569– Children’s Hospital/Pennies from Heaven

942550– Children’s Hospital/Phenylketonuria Clinic (PKU)

1366113– Children’s Hospital/Plastic Surgery

1334376– Children’s Hospital/Primary Care

12996278– Children’s Hospital/Rehab Institute

15580491– Children’s Hospital/Research Priorities

1366118– Children’s Hospital/Rheumatology

1318230– Children’s Hospital/Ronald McDonald CareMobile

902596– Children’s Hospital/Ron Francis Charities

12726188– Children’s Hospital/Samuel J. Johnson Amenity Fund

13280185– Children’s Hospital/Pediatric Scleroderma Research

1366114– Children’s Hospital/Sickle Cell

1910– Children’s Hospital/Spina Bifida Clinic

14633192– Children’s Hospital/Starzl Network for Excellence in Pediatric Transplantation

14823942– Substance Use Prevention

318229– Children’s Hospital/Supportive Care

12996336– Children’s Hospital/Transition Services/Support for Adolescents and Young Adults with Complex Needs

12996344– Children’s Hospital/Transgender Care/Clinical Support for LGBT Youth

365366– Children’s Hospital/Transplantation

14746564– Children’s Hospital/Transplant Research

222391– Children’s Hospital/Transport Team Hat Fund

1366116– Children’s Hospital/Trauma

14823918– Children’s Hospital/Type 1 Diabetes Gene Therapy Research

1456452– Children’s Hospital/Urbach Family Endowment

1365372– Children’s Hospital/Urology

15515075– Whole Child Wellness Clinic