Winter FUNdraising Ideas

Just because the holiday season is over, doesn’t mean fundraising should slow down! Don’t let yourself or your family go stir-crazy as the weather gets chilly! Check out our winter fundraising ideas below.

Reach out to our community fundraising team with any questions you may have at or 412-692-3930.

Hot Cocoa/Coffee Sale

Set up a drink station with coffee and hot water for cocoa and tea at your school, work, or local community event. Charge a few dollars for every cup!

Host a Watch Party 

Everyone is looking for an excuse to get out of the house in mid-February! Host a watch party for your favorite sporting event or award show complete with tailgate-friendly food and drink. Ask guests to contribute a donation to join in on the fun.

Valentines Day Deliveries 

Everyone needs help planning a last-minute gift. Make this Valentine’s Day easier for friends, family, coworkers, or classmates by helping get something delivered to their valentine. Suggest a donation in return for your assistance!

Fitness Challenge

Did you commit to a new fitness goal this new year? Create a JustGiving page, encouraging people to donate, while also helping you stay active! It can be anything from, every $10 donation, you’ll do an extra mile run…or maybe ever dollar donated is another jumping jack!

Wine or Beer Tasting

Partner up with one of your community’s restaurants, bars, wineries, or breweries to offer a tasting class! Ask them if they’re willing to donate a percentage of every ticket sold back to UPMC Children’s. It’s a perfect way to drive traffic to a local business (especially during a “slow” time of year), while helping you fundraise!

Polar Plunge 

You’ll be surprised by how many people are willing to jump into freezing cold water to raise money! Once you secure the space and get all the necessary permits, you’re ready to start promoting your event. Encourage that all participants fundraise a minimum of $100.

Whatever your event may be, we cannot wait to hear about it. We have all kinds of tips and tricks located in our Community Fundraising Toolkit. Register your event here!