Kamri’s Superpower

Your investment in UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh provides families with the tools they need to become educated and strong advocates of children and adolescents with Down syndrome. This is Kamri’s story, as told by her mom, Casi.

Connor’s Unexpected Battle

Connor’s accident happened in the blink of an eye. When his parents took him to the hospital closest to their home they were immediately sent to UPMC Children’s.

Harrison’s Journey to the Lab

At age 14, Harrison was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin lymphoma. He endured five rounds of chemotherapy and 14 radiation treatments as a high school freshman.

“BelleDozer” Triumphs over Thalassemia

Belle was adopted from China when she was 19 months old. When her parents first met her, they knew she was special. They also knew Belle had potentially devastating blood disorder called thalassemia, which would require a lot of medical care.

Living Proof of Donor Impact: Meet Taytum

At 9 days old, Taytum’s life hung in the balance due to a rare heart condition. Learn about her family’s unwavering determination and the extraordinary care provided by UPMC Children’s Heart Institute.

Sydney’s Story

Sydney was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Urea Cycle Disorder / Ornithine Transcarbamylase deficiency (UCD/OTC) at just one year old.

Jimmy’s Life Defying the Odds

At four months old, Jimmy was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and borderline hydrocephalus, and the prognosis looked grim.