The Pittsburgh Study: A landmark research and intervention initiative

Despite Pittsburgh’s reputation as one of the nation’s “most livable” cities, local children face significant disparities. With your support, we can improve outcomes for local kids and inspire change here in Pittsburgh and well beyond.

Through a pioneering, community-led research and advocacy project called The Pittsburgh Study, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh leaders are partnering with individuals and organizations from throughout the region to find out what works to help kids thrive. A first-of-its-kind initiative, the Study will follow children in Allegheny County from before birth through high school to track defined indicators of health and address the root causes of inequity.

Given population stability, an established history of cutting-edge research, and a growing technology sector, Pittsburgh is the ideal location for a study of this magnitude.

In a city of champions, our kids deserve the very best.

Together, We Can Help All Children Thrive

Through The Pittsburgh Study, we’re inviting you to be a part of the solution — to reimagine children’s health and success and support every child’s chance to truly thrive.

The Pittsburgh Study is more than a longitudinal research study, it is also a vehicle to effect real, immediate change for local kids and families. Through age-based, community-driven interventions we’re making strides toward child health equity. As we collect data, we’re committed to quickly sharing the information to both inform policy and provide a “one stop shop” digital platform for families seeking resources.

Your investment in The Pittsburgh Study will impact programs and policy right now, while helping to create a roadmap to a more just, promising future for all.

You Can Make a Difference

You can change children’s lives for the better and set a new standard in health research. Because every child deserves the chance to live a life full of promise.

To start a conversation about changing lives through The Pittsburgh Study, please contact Alana Kulesa: 412-692-3947 or

Watch our 2021 Raising The Bar session below to learn more about how UPMC Children’s and our community partners are tackling some of the country’s most complex questions in pediatric health and paving a healthier, more promising, and equitable future for our children.