Often it is one special patient that inspires a researcher’s steadfast commitment to finding a cure. For physician-scientist Kelly Bailey, MD, PhD, it was a 15-year-old patient with Ewing sarcoma, a bone cancer that primarily affects teens. The young man’s organs were riddled with lesions, and his prognosis was poor. So, when his condition improved dramatically after only three months of chemotherapy, Dr. Bailey was stunned.

Within UPMC Children’s Division of Hematology/Oncology, Dr. Bailey studies how immunotherapy might be used in combination with traditional chemotherapy. She has achieved promising findings about new ways to block the spread of certain pediatric bone tumors like Ewing sarcoma. Dr. Bailey has identified a potential inhibitor that might block the spread of the cancer cells. She is exploring the blended approach of immunotherapy and traditional chemotherapy to treat relapsed or metastasized Ewing sarcoma. This innovative work is funded by Hyundai Hope on Wheels, the late John G. Rangos, Sr., the Children’s Trust, CureRock, the Brian Morden Foundation, 1 Million 4 Anna, The Kaelyn Rose Fund, and other generous charitable partners.

Although the young man who inspired her years ago ultimately succumbed to the disease, he continues to inspire Dr. Bailey amidst her tireless search for a cure. Along with support from our charitable partners, individual donors like you help Dr. Bailey get closer to a cure every day.

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