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2/12/2017ManiaCrawl is an annual fundraising event that coincides with the biggest pro-wrestling show of the year! ManiaCrawl brings hundreds (and thousands) of wrestling fans from around the world together for one jaw-dropping, eyebrow-raising, trailblazing bar crawl. Through the use of social media, various wrestle fan sites, and the overwhelming support of the pro-wrestling community, ManiaCrawl has grown to serve over 1,000 fans across three different cities within the past four years (New Orleans, San Jose, New York City, Dallas, and now Orlando). On April 2, 2017, hundreds of wrestling fans will attending ManiaCrawl 4 in Orlando, Florida to support the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation. Our goal is to raise funds to help ensure Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC is able to provide expert, compassionate care for sick children locally, regionally, and globally.ManiaCrawl
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