Program FAQs

What is Heroes in Healing?

Heroes in Healing is a group of our committed donors who've pledged to make ongoing monthly gifts in support of our mission of helping sick and injured kids that come to us for care.

What's our mission?

Fight for and care for all kids that come to us so that they have a chance at a healthier tomorrow.

What benefits do I receive by becoming a monthly Heroes in Healing member?

All donors will receive less mail asking for donations, a personalized year-end tax statement in January, special opportunities and updates throughout the year, ability to update or cancel donation at any time, and will be matched with a patient ambassador who you’ll learn about during your first year in the program.

When will I receive information on my patient ambassador?

You’ll be introduced to your patient ambassador when you receive your welcome packet. From that point on, you’ll learn more about their journey and how donors like you play a part in their life.

Can I nominate a fighter to be featured on your site?

Yes, if you are the parent or guardian of a child that has been helped by UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, send us your name, email, child’s name, and your story and we’ll reach out to you about potentially featuring them on our site.

Donation FAQs

When does my gift end?

All monthly gifts are set up to continue until you tell us to stop. If you’d like to set your gift up for a number of months/years or stop your gifts at any time, please contact us at or call Sarah Smeltzer at 412-692-3910.

When will my card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged on the date that you make your gift. All following deductions will be made on the same date each month.

Can I specify a deduction/charge date?

Yes, you can request a charge/deduction date by contacting us at or calling Sarah Smeltzer at 412-692-3910.

Can I increase/decrease or cancel my donation?

Yes, you can update your donation at any time by contacting us at or calling Sarah Smeltzer at 412-692-3910.

My credit card or bank account information changed. Who do I contact with updated info?

You can contact us any time with updated card/bank information by emailing us at or calling Sarah Smeltzer at 412-692-3910.

What is the name that will appear on my bank statement?

You’ll see a charge or deduction on your statement from Children’s Pgh. Please let us know if something looks wrong.

Where is my tax receipt?

You will not get a tax receipt for each charge/deduction. Instead, you will receive an annual donation statement in January of each year detailing your total giving for the previous year.

If I miss a monthly payment, can I make it up?

You can make up missed payments by calling or emailing with your card/account info. We’ll charge/deduct the additional one-time payment that month.

What is Direct Debit or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)?

This is a type of payment where you provide us with your bank account and routing number and we’ll withdraw your monthly payment directly from your bank/checking account. This is one of the most popular ways to donate monthly as credit cards expire and are lost more frequently.

Will my employer match my monthly gifts?

Some employers will match charitable gifts (individual or full year) made by their employees. Visit to see if your employer is listed.