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Children's Hospital Helpers Fund

In the face of so much uncertainty has emerged so many reasons to be grateful. Many of you have reached out with words of encouragement and thanks to our medical professionals and essential staff, shared stories of impact, provided acts of kindness and generosity, and have asked how you can help. For that, we are all grateful. Your help is needed now more than ever.

COVID-19 Updates
We are receiving new information each day about COVID-19 and its impacts. News came from UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh of a possible vaccine. To assist you in staying up-to-date, we’ve curated the latest information from our UPMC experts on the virus’ impact on children and placed it on our website. We’ll continue to add updates as new information is available.

Children’s Hospital Helpers Fund
Your support and encouragement are helping families that are coming to us with some very difficult situations, magnified by this crisis. Right now, many in our community are impacted more by economic distress than by the virus itself. Under typical circumstances, patient families would rely on others, including neighbors and friends, to help with childcare, transportation, and emotional support while staying in the hospital with their child. In the current world of physical distancing, our families are lacking this critical help, and many in their networks face job loss and financial insecurity as well.

As a result, we’ve created a new fund to address emerging needs as they arise – the Children’s Hospital Helpers Fund. Your donations to this fund will enable us to deploy fast and flexible support to families and caregivers, and aid health services in the communities where the need is greatest.

Here are several examples of urgent needs the Children’s Hospital Helpers Fund could support:

  • Delivering necessities like food, formula, toiletries, and household items to patients and families
  • Providing meals for families during hospitalization, especially when quarantined in room for COVID testing
  • Distributing equipment to increase the ability for patient families to participate in telemedicine consultations, connect with family through virtual visits while isolated at the hospital, and access important health resources
  • Covering the cost of temporary housing and transportation for families not able to be accommodated at the Ronald McDonald house
  • Accommodating staff to stay close to the hospital and away from home, reducing infection exposure to their loved ones
  • Offering resources such as groceries and restaurant gift cards for those times when preparing meals and shopping for supplies is difficult after exhausting shifts
  • Building up resiliency of our health care workers through programs and services that attend to their emotional and mental health

Stronger Together
As our community focuses on addressing this pandemic, the needs of our critically ill and injured patients remain, and our doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers on the front lines need our support.

If you are able to do so, your donation today to the Children’s Hospital Helpers Fund will help ease worry and provide hope and strength to a lot of families and caregivers during a time when they need it most.

Together, we can help patients and caregivers, now more than ever.