The Impact of Hope

Your support gives hope.

Families at UPMC Children’s Hospital shouldn’t need to worry about if they can afford for their child to get the best care, because they will, regardless of their ability to pay. Gifts made to UPMC Children’s help our families focus on what they need to focus on, and that’s getting their child better.

When you give to UPMC Children’s, you invest in transforming kids’ lives through expert, compassionate care. Thank you for doing your part to support the sort of healing care and innovative programs that are changing lives. Gifts like yours make all the difference.

Cutting-Edge Research
Your donations help investigators translate science into treatments and cures for conditions like childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes, and asthma.




Community Outreach
Thanks to donors like you, UPMC Children’s delivers health care services to kids in medically underserved communities through Family Care Connection (FCC) centers and the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.

Healing Spaces
At Children’s Hospital, we believe that a facility like ours should promote healing and provide comfort to those we serve. Charitable giving helps to ensure that our hospital consists of spaces filled with light, color, and warmth — making our hospital feel a little more like home. 

Child Life and Family Life
Your support contributes to Child and Family Life programs that help to make the hospital experience a little easier for kids and their loved ones through therapeutic play, special events, and individualized support.

Free Care Fund
When parents come to UPMC Children’s with a sick or injured child, their only concern should be getting medical care for their child. But, imagine when the cost of providing a child’s care exceeds what insurance is willing to pay. Or when a child’s insurance has run out — which frequently happens to children with chronic conditions. Not to mention the families who don’t have insurance at all. The Free Care Fund is often the solution to all of these scenarios for local families. Parents face plenty of worries, but whether or not they can afford their child’s health care should never be one of them.



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