The Szumetz’s

Superhero: The Szumetz’s

The Szumetz siblings have a true bond with one another. Amelia, Emery, Aria, and Emmet have endured more than most in their young lives. Their superpower is love. Both Aria and Emmet were born with congenital heart disease. 1 in 110 children are born with congenital heart disease with varying levels of severity and courses of treatment. Aria born in 2016 had numerous hospital stays where her family was able to utilize services such as pastoral care, child life, music therapy, and social work for emotional support. Throughout this time Amelia and Emery were navigating loving their sibling from afar and engaging in typical childhood activities.

Aria did not survive to see Emmet born in 2019. Emmet’s course of treatment did mean surgery and a hospital stay. He also utilized supportive services like his sister Aria. Now Emmet is still followed by cardiology. Throughout their journey they have persevered as a family.

Let’s help the Szumetz’s create a legacy.

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