Steve Allen

Superhero: Dr. Steven Allen

I truly love and enjoy working with and taking care of children from all backgrounds. I approach each new patient as an individual person, not only treating their illness, but also finding ways to incorporate that treatment plan into their lives to meet their specific needs and goals moving forward.

I am also an avid comic book reader and superhero fan! I always wear a Lego Batgirl toy/light on my stethoscope, which so many of my patients love. She is one of my favorite superheroes for several reasons. First, she does not have any of the typical superpowers per se, except for her intelligence and a strong determination to do good. I believe it is important to emphasize that even people without superhuman abilities are still capable of achieving superhuman feats. Second, even after a catastrophic injury, leaving her disabled and wheelchair-bound, Batgirl remained a vital member of the Bat Family (as Oracle), utilizing her intelligence and computer expertise, to provide crucial information and communication throughout their missions. I specifically love this aspect of her character because she shows that superheroes come in many forms. There is a multitude of ways for someone to be “super.” Just because you are sick or injured or disabled, you are not lesser than. You are still a person with agency and capacity to thrive.

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