Robin Wargo

Superhero: Robin Wargo, RN

Robin is everyone’s favorite nurse. Robin has worked at UPMC Children’s Hospital on the intestinal care and solid organ transplant unit. Throughout that time, she has touched so many families, when Robin takes care of your child, she provides that love and support to the whole family. The intestinal care unit has an average stay from 1 day to a year. During this time nurses like Robin make an impact, so much so that Robin has inspired several patients, siblings and even parents to give back to Children’s by becoming a nurse. One nurse is Shay who is a sibling of a few patients from Robin’s unit. Shay was inspired by Robin’s compassion and care for her siblings. Shay and Robin now work together and even go to Camp Chihopi to further care for those with solid organ transplants. Join Robin in inspiring others to give back by donating a cape for children currently in the hospital.

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